Get a year of online life coaching and access to absolutely everything ever created over the past 5 years in the College of Confidence all for just $670 and get over $500 of free bonuses in addition when you enroll before midnight on 11/28/22.


We only offer Lifetime Access twice / year, and the next time we offer it, the price will be higher than the current offer. Pay once for coaching, and get support, workshops and access to the College of Confidence for years (for as many years as we are in existence).


Join the COC and get one year of life coaching for just $670 (a savings of $500), and $500 of bonus gifts and support. 

  1. 1
    2023 PLANNING SESSION (Value $250) Get access to a live planning workshop to help you map out and plan your goals, your focuses and your action-steps to create a life you love in 2023.
  2. 2
    EMERGE EXPERIENCE PROGRAM (Value $97) Get free access to this 7-Day Mindset Reset Program, the perfect program to give you a confidence boost that you can use whenever you want throughout the year.
  3. 3
    SIGNED JOURNAL & BOOK FROM TRISH (Value $50) Get snail mail from Trish - a signed journal and signed copy of Straighten Your Crown, sent to you in the mail. 

Best decision ever.

You won't regret joining. In fact, most of our members tell us that they can't believe they didn't join sooner.


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Customers served! 100 Hours of Coaching Replays Available
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You were made for more.

Tap into everything God has placed inside of you by unlocking the fullness of confidence and courage already inside of you.

I help driven women who put too much pressure on themselves learn how to ooze confidence and create unwavering belief in their wildest dreams so that they have more fun, live with more joy, and create the impact in the world they were created to make.

I can't wait to officially become your coach, and to welcome you to our amazing community of like-minded go-getters who want to live life to the fullest. 



Cheering you on to believe and live out your greatest God-given potential and purpose.

Trish Blackwell and her coaching through the College of Confidence has transformed my mindset and elevated my perspective to create in me a confidence in who my God created me to be. What started as a journey towards physical confidence, soon developed into an all-encompassing sense of inner peace and strength. I feel the COC helped me pick up the tools I needed for the challenges of today. A literal God-send. Highly recommend!!!

Emily Keddel

College of Confidence member

What do you get with membership?

Well, all of the life coaching support you could possibly need, and a positive community to go along with it all. We like to call ourselves "the most encouraging place on the Internet." Come and find out for ourself.

Weekly Live Workshops and Group Coaching

You'll get weekly live coaching (and the replay videos if you can't make it live) on topics that relate to your life, and practical application to put it into practice.

Dozens of Self-Pace Courses for Your Inner Growth

When you join you get access to every course we've created since we were established in 2017. This is the most extensive database of self-paced life-coaching anywhere.

Personalized Coaching and Community Support

You aren't just a number in the COC, you are a family member. Our members get real coaching from Trish and create real relationships of support with one another.

Our Approach

In the College of Confidence, you'll get coached on how to create a life you absolutely love, and in the process, blow your own mind with what's possible for you and your future. 

For the past decade, I have helped thousands of people around the world to find peace and power in their purpose. I want that for you too.

The coaching methods have worked for them, and they will work for you. Today my students feel confident and courageous as they purpose their God-given calling. They feel alive and fulfilled, and it all started with some structured confidence coaching.

  • You'll learn how to be yourself without overthinking or worrying if other people like you
  • You'll master the art of believing in yourself and your ability to create a life you love
  • You'll reduce your anxious thoughts by over 50% and learn how to manage the feeling of overwhelm when stressed in life
  • You'll set bigger goals, and achieve them with more ease and confidence than ever before

How The College of Confidence Works

The College of Confidence is self-paced and is perfect for anyone to fit into their busy schedule. Members report major life change with a little as 20-minutes per week of logging in and getting coaching support. 

Step 1

Join the community and share your goals, what you're working on changing in your life and get direction from Trish and her team. Start working on establishing healthy mindset habits and reframing thoughts.

Step 2

Take recommended courses based on your goals at your own convenience and join in on live calls throughout the month, or watch them on "replay" or within our private COC podcast.

Step 3

Track and share your wins and your progress with Trish and the rest of the COC community. The more progress you acknowledge, the more you'll continue to make. 

Step 4

Achieve your initial goal and then work with Trish and the COC community to create a new growth goal for you to be excited about. See and experience massive life changes in yourself.

See a difference in your confidence in JUST 30 DAYS

College of Confidence students get access to hundreds of hours of self-paced courses and coaching, and more importantly, to a real, live community with personalized support. Some favorite perks of being a student include...

Weekly Coaching

Weekly live coaching where you can get coached on anything. We offer Life Coaching Sessions and Money Mindset / Business Coaching Sessions. 

Monthly Workshops

Live coaching workshops with breakout sessions to help you implement the growth in a real and immediate way

Guided Journaling

Weekly journal prompts and journal guidance to keep your mindset management fresh, plus Guided Reflection Sessions for a group journaling experience.

Self-Paced Courses

New class every few weeks that keeps you progressing forward, not to mention the over 40+ classes and courses that are immediately available to you when you join.

Life Coaching 24/7

Access to support 24/7 in our community forum. Ask questions, share your wins and be part of a community of positive people who are dedicated to personal growth just like you. 

Positive Community

When you join the COC, you join the most encouraging community on the Internet. Surround yourself with like-minded, change-focused people who will become family.

What Clients Say

I just joined and I've learned more in the past 2 days than I ever have. I'm already starting to 'see' better what I need to do in my life. Thank you for all your time, hard work and caring about others! You are a God-send to me at this time! 

Amy S.  

 The College of Confidence has transformed my mindset and elevated my perspective to create in me a confidence in who my God created me to be. What started as a journey towards physical confidence, soon developed into an all-encompassing sense of inner peace and strength. A literal God-send. Highly recommend!!!

Emily K.

Working with Trish for the past few years, I have been able to DOUBLE my salary in 1 year! Trish is my coach, my cheerleader, and a personal friend. I look forward to our partnership and ongoing coaching in the COC and as her private client

Amber W. 


You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing coaching experience, you can get a full refund anytime within 14 days after your purchase.  Canceling is as simple as clicking two buttons in your profile once a member. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.