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The Fine Print of this Offer: This truly is $1 for two full weeks, or 14-days of total access to everything we have to offer in the College of Confidence. If you love it, your access will automatically enroll you as an official member on your 15th day of access. If you don't love it, just cancel your membership (it's a 2-click process you can do right from your membership profile) before the 14th day and you won't be charged another penny.


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Upon enrollment you will receive your login and password via email. You will also receive an additional email with all the details needed to maximize your membership. If for some reason you do not receive communication from Trish within 24 hours of enrollment, please contact her directly at

The College of Confidence is cancel-at-anytime, so you are in control when you enroll and when you cancel.  We believe that this is where life change happens and we are committed to the success of our students.