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Member Testimonials:

The College of Confidence is a place where change happens. But don't take our word for it, read some of our member testimonials and see for yourself! Remember, joining is absolutely risk-free. 

The College of Confidence has 100% changed my life and helped to transform my confidence. I don't know why I didn't join sooner.

Kelsey s.

College of Confidence member

We Specialize in Life Transformation

Mindset Mastery

Thanks to the College of Confidence, I'm constantly catching my negative thoughts and reframing them. Trish is a master at helping reframe! The library of videos has given me immense value. I knew that even if I couldn't make live trainings, I could catch up or watch topics as needed. The price was reasonable and I've stayed a member because I feel like I've gotten value for the money. I just dropped a bunch of memberships as they were too expensive and not used enough to warrant the price tag, but I have always kept the COC. 

-Susie P.

Creating a Better Life

The COC has improved my life because it has provided me with the tools and education of knowing that I can train my brain to be positive, and to think differently in ways I never knew possible. I find myself being less of a bully to myself and more of a supportive best friend. I didn’t know the power of my thoughts/brain until becoming a member of the COC. My life is changed forever because I have learned that preparing your thoughts and mindset is an important aspect of life and my specific mental clarity. I see myself in a better light, I appreciate the power of my brain and am using it to create a better life and I am so grateful. 

-Addie Masonius

Social Confidence

The community is the best part of the College of Confidence. Thanks to the College of Confidence, I’ve been so much more open and not reserved. I now believe in myself and never doubt I have experienced the added bonus of loving myself. The College of Confidence has been a life changer for me.

-Meghan Montgomery

Renewed Self-Kindness

I feel the support from the community. This allows me to share my fears, look for help when I don't feel like I can with my family. I have learned to listen to myself, be kind, compassionate and move forward by showing up everyday for me and my business. I feel like I'm always learning and in the way of being a better version of me. The live sessions are the best. You get the chance to ask anything and share with others your fears. Trish's words are always so helpful and fill me with joy and a feeling of I can do what I'm here to do, like I have the power, I can learned from myself and be better everyday with compassion and understanding.

-Betsy Cárcamo.

No More Panic Attacks

The College of Confidence has helped me get out of diagnosed severe depression and helped me learn how to manage my anxiety so panic attacks are a thing of the past. I joined to help stop caring what people think about me, and live my life to the best of my potential. As a result of my time in the College of Confidence, I am more confident, more vibrant and alive. It has given me the tools to deal re-frame the thoughts I think to create a better life. It has changed my life and my family's life for the better.

-Andrea Gamero

Increased Worthiness

Thanks to the College of Confidence, I am learning to savor life more. I am learning that I should invest time in myself, and God wants me to live a wonderful life. Previously, I had no confidence or self-esteem. I am now learning to like myself and to see myself as valuable. I am learning I am not the only person who has had the thoughts I think and has gone through the valleys through which I've traveled. Trish is wonderfully real and does such a good job of explaining things. God is using her to change my life.

-Amy Chupp

Business Growth

I'm getting more clients in my business, because I’m more BOLD now. I have more positivity power in daily life. I have learned how and practice having my own back through decisions that others disagree with. I’m bringing it more business and have business growth and more personal flow/peace in life. I BELIEVE now. I recommend the College of Confidence because the support is SO practical and positive/effective..

-Shana Infuentes

Freedom from Anxiety

I have confidence and ease in EVERY room I'm in now. Family functions where I've known everyone my whole life, gatherings where the people used to make my stomach hurt thinking of seeing them, social settings with people I used to think were fancier than me. Not only do I know I belong in whatever room God places me in but I THRIVE with confidence! I love the constant encouragement from the COC community. I joined to help with ANXIETY, both socially and in life. I couldn't function and was especially afraid of bad health outcomes that I avoided the doctor. My confidence was built and I was able to go and guess what? I've experienced healing from multiple illnesses.

-Anna Barr

Improved Marriage

I'm amazed at how much content there is in the COC! And content that relates to almost everything you could use confidence growth in. It’s helped me to overcome social anxiety and social overthinking in my interactions with others. Most notably, the COC has transformed my confidence in social situations and my self-esteem in my marriage relationship. I love being able to watch recordings always and being able to go at my own pace. Knowing Trish works on developing a relationship with each of her students as long as you put the effort to be on the coaching calls.

-Cami Bradshaw

Ditch the self-doubt and let your light shine.

Everyone deserves to have a coach in their corner and a positive community to lean on for support as they courageously go after a big life. You deserve to be a part of this incredible family.

What More of Our Members Say:

It’s an amazing experience to get to work with someone like Trish who is living her passion. Trish was born to be a coach! She motivates and inspires me, and really helped me to find the laser-sharp focus I needed to achieve my goals. Warm, dynamic, smart, and genuinely interested in seeing me at my best – Trish is an exceptional coach and human being. Hiring her was one of the best decisions I ever made!

Christine Diorio

Speaking with Trish always lights the fire within me to believe that the reach of my business impact can truly be limitless. Just by taking action on one idea discussed during our chats I was able to create a whole new, high-yielding revenue stream for my business that I would not have otherwise created. Any business or entrepreneur who works with Trish will be infused with confidence and enthusiasm that will make they previously perceived as impossible, possible. If you want to stop overthinking your business strategy and to start taking more confident action, work with Trish.

Dana Wallace
Tara Taylor

Totally Unstuck.

The College of Confidence is an amazing place where you will find love, support and connection. Trish Blackwell and those in the COC are transparent, inspiring and full of life. They have helped me go further with my dreams and goals. If you are tired of being stuck in the pit of mundane, then the COC is perfect for you

-Tara Taylor

Malinda Moseley

Life Changing.

The College of Confidence is truly life changing! Trish is an amazing confidence coach.Trish motivates me to take the daily small steps towards accomplishing big goals. The value of this program is immeasurable...a worthwhile investment that will reap benefits for years to come. Trish is an amazing confidence coach.

-Malinda Moseley

How To Be More Confident

How  Confident

Growth Happens.

I came to the College of Confidence for the course and have stayed for the community. It's a place to grow personally, professionally and in all ways.

                    -Katherine MacLauchlan

More Wins from Our Members:

 Trish’s upbeat energy and positive outlook are infectious. Every time we have a coaching session, even if I’m feeling out of sorts, I feel empowered and excited about life after our meeting! Trish has helped me through several humongous life events and changes and I couldn’t have come out on the other side without her guidance. Trish is such a blessing and anyone who has the privilege of working with her will reap the benefits of her wisdom, love and care.

-Melissa O’Sullivan Castillo

Trish is worth her weight in gold.  She has helped me to get clear on what it is that I want to accomplish, what steps I need to take to get there, and she holds me accountable!  I’m always so energized and inspired after our coaching sessions. My business has begun to move forward in such a positive direction since I started working with Trish.

-Jan Taylor 

Trish helped me create a mindset of strength and courage in my business; I have always been insecure and afraid to take chances, but Trish helped me break through any barrier that came my way. She helped me with sales conversations and growth.

She helped me take my limiting beliefs and flip them to an abundance mindset. Trish has helped me be patient with myself and my business after cancer and baby; she taught me to be the kind of person who doesn’t need to transform to the status quo…but to make my own status quo.

-Ranell Foxhoven

Trish has been a vital part of my personal life and purpose driven career for years. My self-awareness has really been opened and has allowed me to break out of my comfort zone.

During Trish’s one-on-one coaching, I receive a lingering inspiration that fires up my faith in self and the needed action. Trish Blackwell and her services are vital to anyone who wants a life with purpose and drive! THANK YOU Trish!

-Anna S.

Mindset Renewer.

Taking a leap to invest in myself through Trish’s coaching program has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. I was at a point where I hardly recognized myself anymore and was continuously wallowing in self doubt, negativity, and an overall lack of self confidence.  Trish truly cares about myself and others, and I’m so fortunate to have found her as a coach and role model because if not for her, I would certainly not have the positive and confident mindset that I have today!

-Deanna Liu

Dream Activator.

Trish Blackwell gave me the confidence to do what I had always dreamed of. Since working with Trish I became a certified personal trainer, launched my own business, Soul Travel Fitness, and currently completing my Health Coach Certification. If you are a feeling stuck and don’t know where to begin let Trish walk with you. Her energy is contagious and your life will be forever changed.

-Lisa Anstead

Game Changer.

While working with Trish Blackwell as a coach I have gained the confidence to start my own business. She has also inspired me to stay focused and positive even in difficult situations.

Hiring Trish as a coach and being part of the College of Confidence has been game changer for me.

I would highly recommend her coaching if you want to be more!

-Theresa Mintzer

As a life coach I feel like it is very important to feed your brain with positivity and motivation! Trish is amazing when it comes to feeding your soul and brain, not to mention that she is a great coach! I hired her to be my personal coach and I must say she is great at what she does because it is her passion and you can tell she is genuine and works with her heart.

Natasha motoyka

Trish was incredibly helpful as a business coach to my wife and I as we began growing our studio last year. She was very professional, listened carefully to our desired outcomes, helped us build an actionable plan to pursue our dreams, and helped keep us accountable to our listed goals. We saw great success in our business revenue growth while working with Trish!

Daniel Puig

Trish has been an invaluable support to me over the past year; I always looked forward to our calls and I know for sure that I wouldn’t be where I am today without having worked with Trish. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have had this coaching relationship and I would recommend working with Trish to anyone building a business from scratch. Trish will forever in my heart as the inspiration and mentor that got me started, and that means the world to me.

Laura Lummer

Trish is an amazing, supportive coach that will guide you to meeting your goals with enthusiasm and love.  You can tell from the first interaction with her that she is passionate about what she does and loves helping people reach their full potential.  She changed my life so much and I’m forever grateful to her!

Emily Hedges ● Ohio

Over the course of the past year and a half I have had the wonderful opportunity to have Trish as my confidence coach. I have struggled with low self confidence, anxiety, and depression in the past. In working with Trish, I have found the tools I need to help my focus shift from negative thinking to positive thinking. She has encouraged me and helped me in my search for what my true passions are in life, and has helped me establish goals in order to take steps to pursue my passions. I have gained self confidence and found strength to keep going in the tough days through her help. She serves as my “sounding board”.  I am thankful to call her mentor and friend. She is a true blessing in my life and I look forward to continuing my work with her!

Helen Trabue  Tennessee

Trish's positivity and support in the is helping me with my anxiety and faith in God! I joined to work on my anxiety, confidence, & insecurity and I am already starting to see a difference in my anxiety and managing my thoughts!

Gina Munez  

More Praise and Testimonials

Trish helped me create a mindset of strength and courage in my business; I have always been insecure and afraid to take chances, but Trish and the COC have helped me break through any barrier that came my way.

Annonymous Member

If you have reached Trish or found her College of Confidence at this point in your life, this is a blessing. You were meant to connect with this amazing life, encouraging community and confidence coach that really activates life change!

Susan Polacheck

"I feel happier, better as a person and more grateful about life. The COC has helped me overcome fear and heal from anxiety."

Nicole Mazzola

I've NEVER come across a resource that has helped me as much as The College of Confidence has. I'm beginning to lift my head, and you know what? I like my new, confident view of myself and of my life.

Angela Cook

Best decision ever.

You won't regret joining. In fact, most of our members tell us that they can't believe they didn't join sooner.

You were made for more.

Tap into everything God has placed inside of you by unlocking the fullness of confidence and courage already inside of you.

Even More Testimonials....

Liv L.

The COC has given me awareness & realizations that I otherwise was previously unaware of/accepting very negative habits into my life. I joined to work on jealousy/insecurity with my partner, low self worth, low confidence in matters of “adulting”, moving my life forward in every aspect including financially and thanks to Trish and the COC, I'm actually implementing change in my life.

In the COC there are plenty of resources available for CBT growth. I also love the environment that is fostered so we can grow individually. I joined to work on positive cognitive thinking, and believing in myself. I trusted the process because of Trish’s energy, voice & content. I didn’t feel that what she was saying was fluff. I've experienced substantial growth that I have had since joining COC, most notably, believing in myself, and also starting a business is something that I never thought I could do.

Delma Monica

Pastor Arlyn Rauche

When I joined the COC I was looking for opportunities to gain more confidence in myself and my ministry. I enjoy hearing Trisha's calming and reassuring voice as she speaks through the various social media posts or coaching sessions. I am gaining confidence in myself and I am becoming more aware of myself as I work through some personal struggles. I would recommend the COC to others because of the variety of content available and the manner in which Trish provides the content.

I joined the COC to work on my belief in myself and feeling stuck. I love having the ability to speak to Trish directly through coaching on the zoom calls and access to the FB page to have help reframing thoughts. Thanks to the coaching in the COC, I have grown my confidence in talking to myself and to others as well as in my ability to trust myself.

Kaycee Wiggins