Professional Confidence

Congratulations on investing in yourself and your growth! By selecting this $20/month “Confidence Concentration” membership, you will have access to all of the archived content within your “Confidence Concentration” of Professional Confidence as well as the newest Confidence Courses that are released monthly within The College of Confidence. You will also get access to join us live for our monthly Professional Confidence Mastermind so you can get personalize support for whatever you need.  Access to the community forum is also included. You can sign up for more than one concentration, so if you want to add Social Confidence or Self Confidence to your growth this year, complete this registration and then enroll separately for the other concentration of your choice.

For the best deal (saving you 22%), and our most popular option, get access to all three concentrations AND to a monthly BONUS live Q&A by enrolling with the All-Access Membership for just $47.

No risk. Hassle-Free 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Your date of monthly billing will be the same date of the month of your enrollment date, so, if you enroll on the 7th of the month, you will always be billed on the 7th.

Please allow 24-hours for your membership to process.  You should receive an official welcome email from Trish within 24-hours as well as access to your membership login and password. Additionally you will be added to the Facebook College of Confidence Private Conversation Page within 48-hours.  If for some reason you do not receive communication from Trish within 24 hours of enrollment, please contact her directly at

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